Sunday, April 09, 2006

An Afro and a Tux

Just in the nick of time, Boots and Pam are back to remove your crash helmets and help you off the yellow bus. The new album, 'Pick a Bigger Weapon', is finally dropping on the 25th on Epitaph and I think people might actually buy this one. If you arent up on The Coup, do your homework kids, they've been putting out that Oakland funk since '91.

Here's a taste of what's to come...

The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli
If you don't like this track, you don't like hip hop.

The Coup - Laugh/Love/Fuck
They wanna laugh, love, fuck and drink liqour. Me too.

The Coup
'Ride the Fence'


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