Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Choppin Up Dope (I got 5) ---Interview w/ E Da Boss--

You kids ever heard of Blackalicious? What about the Gift of Gab? Did you know that beatmaker/DJ deluxe Chief Excel often doesn't head out w/ the Quannam crew on tours/gigs overseas and in the States? Why? Duuh dude, you gotta keep it moving and when the crew is touring an album, Excel is in the lab WORKING ON THE NEXT HEATROCK! So who do you think steps up to bat and fills the shoes of a star and deejay's for Blackalicious? Another star, E Da Boss. This cool cat runs Slept-On Records with Nick Andre and has a mixtape, entitled The Catalog, hittin' the underground hard with appearances from: JernEye (Lunar Heights), Bicasso from the Living Legends, Gift of Gab himself, Lateef, Nebulus...and me (king ELJEN!)... but peep this, DJ Platurn reppin' the Oakland Faders mixed the whole joint...its too hot. Anyways, in between touring, doin' gigs, crushing shows with the likes of Jahi and the Light and the Gift of Gab (he was Gab's deejay for his solo album onslaught of hype shows worldwide), making beats, DJing everywhere in the city...HE TOOK TIME OUT TO HOLLAR AT ME AND ANSWER SOME VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR THE CITY OF DOPE!!! Fame hasn't fazed this pro, peep.....

E Da Boss

King Eljen: So E, how many times you been around the world on tour now? Name some of the dopest spots...
E Da Boss: Been to Europe hella times, 10+, also Ausralia & New Zealand. The best place to me was Barcelona, Spain...those folks really know how to PARTY !!

What projects are you hollarin about these days, and whats coming up soon for you?
Om records and a mixtape, but I cant give away the plot, also the new Slept-On Records 12" w/ DJ Enki, Lyrics Born any much much more.

Can i get on a track?
Fa sho!!!

Yo, what movies have you seen recently, whats a good one to see?Dave Chappelle's Block Party, its like the modern day Wattstax.

What celeb honey do you think is the flyest?
Taral Hicks (Kisha from Belly)

Pick one, Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

Okay okay, name some dope deejays aside from you that are reppin for the Yay right now.....
Joe Quixx always holdin it down for the City of Oakland!!!

Word, I agree. Me and that pimp trade Curb Your Enthusiam DVD's..and at 'Radio' a couple weeks ago, that fool was spinning and I was broke, he let me borrow $20 bucks! I thought he was gonna gimme a drink ticket or some shit! That kid is MAD COOL and sick on the "his and hers". I need a beat from him, and from you too E Da Bossalini!

Thx E!

Peep E Da Boss @ SleptOn.net, respect the real heads reppin for the Yay and beyond and get "The Catalog" (pssst..listen to the hidden track too!).

And now.....you know I got 5 on it.
Top 5 albums to "knock" in your "scraper" and "go dumb" when your "thizzin" and driving around in this beautiful weather, on the search for "rippers" with your "stunner shades" on.....

1. Keak the Sneak, "Counting Other Peoples Money".
2. 3XKrazy, "Stackin' Chips", peep Keaks intro.
3. Mac Dre, "Mac Dre Presents: The Rompilation". The sheer number of albums from Dre the great can be overwhelming and thus intimidating to those who need to get up on the thizz icon, start with this sick classic.
4. E-40, "Breaking News". One word.....Walllaaahhhh!!!!!
5. Neptunes, "The Clones". Trust me on this one kids....

I'll see you in the traffic pimpin, throw up the playboy bunny when you see me!

Peep me rippin a track with Nate Mezmer and Bucc Rogers on the new Bucc Rogers album, "Music for the 21st Century", and learn how to rap...



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