Thursday, May 04, 2006

Choppin' Up Dope w/ King Eljen (I Got 5)

Its King Eljen EP is gonna be out next month! Its called "Green Olive Monsters" (f.y.i.: I love drinking like a monster and eating green olives) and i did it with DJ Waxsmith and The Soundblasters!!! It features Bucc Rogerz and E da Boss did a beat but I'll tell you more later. You ever heard of Joe Quixx? Act like you know kids! Did you see that video a couple days back (on this very site...) by the B.U.M.s "Free Your Mind"? Guess who did that beat...Joe Quixx. Thats one of the many classics beats and current mixtape pieces of genius Joe Quixx has under his belt. Everyone remembers the days of The Wakeup Show w/ Sway and when you heard the deep ass machine radio voice go: ..." with Joe Quixx in the mix..." Goosebumbs right? Maybe im a music pheind but you knew it was about to be some shit that was better than anything going on that night. I personally would listen and bug out on that fresh boom bap never soft onslaught of shit the Joey Quixxsta would drop with a signature no frills finess...thangs aint changed son. No KMEL but J.Q. is still servin' fools with the Oakland Faders alongside DJ Platurn and company at venues throughout the Bay and if your smart you'll get your hands on one of his mixtapes... so so sick. That hard hip hop shit, no silly shit son. I caught up with Joe Quixx spinning @ Radio in Oakland and asked this legend a few questions for you guys, aiight? Peep game...

King Eljen: Yo Joe Quixx, you've been teaching toy deejays how its done for a minute now. Do miss the days of the "Wakeup Show" era or are you feeling whats going on now?
Joe: I'll never miss the old days. 4 me shit just gets better and better as years go by.

KE: Who are some of your favorite deejays right now?
Joe: My favorite dj was and always will be DJ Riz from Brooklyn 3, I don't know too much about rappers.

KE: What about emcees, you feeling anybody right now?
Joe: To me every rapper got they own flavor.

KE: Whats next on your agenda as far as gigs or projects your gonna bless?
Joe: Me and Specialist got a new joint commin' out this month.

KE: What do you like better, mac or pc's?
Joe: I got a pc.

KE: What do you make your beats with?
Joe: MPC 3000.

KE. Can i get one (a beat)?
Joe: Of course sun, you famalams.

KE: Word!(King Eljen jumps for joy) Yo, me and you share a love for Curb Your Enthusiam, whats your favorite episode?
Joe: Crazy Eyes Killa.

KE: Word, thats a classic. I like the one called "Weatherman" where he thinks the weatherman gives the wrong forcasts to have the golf course to himself. But yo, on a serious note, Im about to twist my hair into dreadlocks like Sway. You think thats a good move?
Joe: No.

KE: Alright, lastly whats some advice for the DJ's in the Bay right now trying to get fame and hold the crown like you?
Joe: Everybody gotta take they own journey, let you be you and live with it.

Cool Joe...good looking out as always.


No five on it list this week, but I'll make you miss it then hit you with the sickness.


I told you it was fresh! Big up to E da Boss, he's deejaying for Lateef on Saturday playing with The Coup at a free show in the City. More details to come....peaaace!


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