Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hyphy Week

MTV's My Block is now a thing of the past and will be quickly forgotten, because BET has a whole fucking week of hyphy madness coming your way. I'm shocked that they are actually putting down a whole week dedicated to the Bay considering I haven't seen a Bay Area video on there in about a decade. Im hoping Spice 1 and Dre Dog might be able to sneak their way into one of these shows.

“Hyphy promises to be more like the ‘second coming’ of the glory days of Bay Area music artists,” stated Charles Johnson of Oakland’s Young Lion Entertainment. It has been more than a decade since hip hop dominants like rap artists MC Hammer, The Luniz, Digital Underground and E-40, put the Bay Area music scene on the map. Hyphy has erected a new stage for unique and talented artists like Oakland native Mistah F.A.B, rap’s version of the Grateful Dead — Hieroglyphics Crew, The Federation, and the ageless Too Short. The country will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse and experience the movement through BET next week.

The BET series covers the past, present, and future of Bay Area Hip Hop. The series opens Monday’s with hip-hop icon, rap artist Too Short—a pioneer Oakland Rapper who went from slanging tapes on the corner to platinum sales—and concludes on Saturday with the Bay Area’s Top 10 Countdown.

The schedule is as follows:
Monday 5/22/06 Too Short – A Day in the Life
Tuesday 5/23/06 Hyphy – A subculture of Hip Hop
Wednesday 5/24/06 E-40 – His second wind
Thursday 5/25/06 Hieroglyphics & Davey D – The Past, Present, & Future
Friday 5/26/06 Bay Area – The Road Map
Saturday 5/27/06 Top 10 Countdown.

This player below is an interview Davey D did with Mad Linx from BET and Big Chuck from Soul Beat. Listen to it, you might learn something.

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