Thursday, May 11, 2006

Team Playas

The East Bay Express ran a piece this week about local celebs, The Team, and the new album 'World Premiere'. To me, it appears more to be an add for their 'grapple' flavored energy drink, 'Hyphy Juice'. Can't knock the hustle.

"Hyphy Juice is the brainchild of Carson and his partner K.O.A.B. The two own the Moe Doe record label, which put out World Premiere, and created a new company, the Oakland-based It's Good Bev Co., after being inspired by Nelly's Pimp Juice and Lil' Jon's Crunk Juice. "We wanted something to represent our culture on a national level," Carson said. They also "wanted something that tastes like candy."

After two and a half years of product testing, Hyphy Juice hit the shelves earlier this year — just in time for the Team's album release. The national explosion of hyphy into mainstream consciousness was a fortunate coincidence, and so far, the response has been encouraging: Carson claims the drink has earned $600,000 in revenue in its first two months. "The hyphy movement can sell the juice, but the juice is so delicious, it sells itself," he boasts. "We got the West Coast on lock," he adds, with national distribution in the works. According to Carson, business building is in the soil. "All the acts that come out the Bay Area, they always had ownership," he notes, naming Too $hort and Hammer in particular. "We from Oakland, we represent the blue-collar hustle of the Bay; it's just taking it to another level."

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I've had that shit, and it's alright, but I prefer Jolt. Twice the caffeine.


Blogger ... MaC JaY ... said...

the team is the #1 thing wrong wit the hyphy movement, but mix that hyphy juice wit some henny n it's da bidness. if they really makin' that much money of the drink they should jus put the mic down, cuz they're embarassin us [the bay]

12:30 PM  
Blogger Mike T said...

the music is just a commercial for the drink. wait till all these fools are singing the words to 'hyphy juice'.

1:06 PM  

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