Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thats His Word

From the last good magazine on the rack these days, Mass Appeal, is a nice little piece with Keak.

As the birthplace of most of the slang thrown around these days, the Bay Area suffered quietly for years at the hands of thieves looking to exploit the culture. The culture, coincidentally, had no choice but to be original due to isolation from the rest of the hip hop landscape. Artists who vacationed here and soaked up the game never mentioned a word of respect when it was their time to shine. “A lot of people been in a position like this, and I didn’t feel like they opened that door for us,” Keak alludes. “And they didn’t really respect where we got that torch from.” In turn, Keak vowed never to turn his back on the people who stuck it out and gained wisdom from the hardships of years past. “I waited my turn patiently. And it is my turn,” he states. “If it’s gonna be a movement, we all gonna move as one. So I don’t put money and illusions before this. It never took cars and rims and jewelry for me to be Keak. I’ll just pull up in a scraper, straight blunted. I can’t ever forget that.”

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