Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Real Big

I don't really think that these guys are some dope rappers, nor do they claim to be, but the music these guys make is always pretty weird. Check out this little write up in The Fader...

“When I first heard ‘18 Dummy’, it sounded like rap meets rave,” says Doon Coon, one of the group’s three MCs alongside Goldie Gold and Stressmatic. In the song’s first minute, listeners are bombarded by CHOOM CHOOM CHOOM bass kicks, spastic blinks of melody, and a computer-voice chorus from Federation producer Rick Rock, all underneath a free-associating verse by Coon that references El Niño, various Northern California neighborhoods, serpents, baby powder, Red Lobster clam chowder, Remember The Titans, kites and the Triton synthesizer, before unexpectedly breaking into song: If you sleazy all you beezies say, We loooove you Cooooon… It’s some out-there shit, even in a regional rap scene where rainbow-tinted goggles and ecstasy grimaces are considered pretty normal.

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