Saturday, November 11, 2006

Top Prospects

Spexxx on the mic, DJ Process on the beats. Together, they are the "Top Prospects".

While repping Redwood City to the fullest, Spexxx has been a fixture in the Bay Area underground for a lot of years. He's the guy that made your fresh rappin' homeboy sneak out the back door once he showed up to the battle. Basically, this dude can just flat out rap, which seems to be a lost art with most rappers these days. Not ironically, he also wears glasses and is a proud father to his newborn son, Spexxx Jr.

Currently residing in Brooklyn by way of the Bay, DJ Process has more records than you do and he knows how to use 'em. He caught some buzz from his last project,"Sidetracks" , which was a remix album that made good songs better.

Here's some tracks for download to improve your iTunes.
Top Prospects - Light Up
Top Prospects - Raw Dog feat. Nate Mezmer
Top Prospects - Grinder feat. Bucc Rogerz

Bonus: The first person to email me their address with 'Top Prospects' in the subject line, will receive a free copy of the album in their mailbox courtesy of Mad Seven Records.


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