Monday, December 04, 2006

B.A.R.S. Awards Shut Down After Crowd Gets Too Hyphy

I'm not really surprised to hear the B.A.R.S. Award show was shutdown this year. I didn't think San Mateo was really the best place to have this go down and security might have overreacted to whatever was going on, but people need to learn how to act. Maybe next year Bay Area, you almost did something big.

Problems arose when uninvited guests and entourage members jumped on stage as artists were performing, and when fights broke out among the crowd. E-40 and San Quinn, who have both been equally vocal in the past about the urgency for the Bay to come together, were unsuccessful in their pleas to calm down the crowd.

"It just got too hyphy," said Guce of Bullys Wit Fullys. "It was too hard for people to control themselves; once they hear the music it takes over them mentally and physically."


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